Top Question About Steel Buildings in Billings

When it comes to the construction of wooden buildings, many of us are somewhat familiar with the process because we see them erected all the time. But when it has to do with steel buildings, this number goes down. If you are thinking about assembling steel buildings in Billings for your personal property or business, here are some of the most popular questions asked about them.

Do I Need a Contractor?

This question has a yes and no answer. If you have a large steel building project to tackle, such as a barn or large warehouse, it is a good idea to hire a steel building contractor that has a lot of experience in erecting these types of buildings.

If you don’t want to hire one for assembly, you may still need their services for laying down a foundation of cement piers for anchor bolts.

For small jobs, such as a tool shed, garage, storage area, or office, this can probably be done on your own with a few friends or laborers to help out. You may also need a building permit to do this kind of work. Call your local city hall for more information about the laws regarding steel building assembly.

How Easy is it to Put Together?

The answer to this question depends on your mechanical aptitude or building skills. Some folks find putting together a small steel building child’s play, while others see it as a challenge.

For any steel building kit, you’ll find all the plans and instructions well laid out for anyone who wants to assemble one on their own. All the parts are pre-drilled and pre-fitted to assure a successful installation without any surprises.

Even if you aren’t skilled in putting things together, you can always call a few friends over for a “building party” to help you assemble it over the weekend. All you need to do is have the building kit delivered to your door, make sure the barbeque is fired up, and the cooler is well-stocked.

Who Unloads the Steel Building Material?

Generally speaking, the supplier delivers the materials to your location, but unloading the kits and steel panels and hardware will be left up to you unless you have made previous arrangements to hire help to do this. In most cases, a small forklift will be needed to offload the bundles. If you have questions about this, contact your steel building supplier.

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Call Metals Direct for steel buildings in Billings and get in-depth answers to all of your questions. You may discover that putting up a steel building is exactly what you were looking for.

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