Sustainability Features of Metal and Steel Buildings in Red Bluff

The growing trend of metal building construction can easily be attributed to the affordability, ease of assembly, low maintenance requirements and design flexibility that these types of structures provide. Contractors, homeowners and business proprietors are all choosing to go down this path over more conventional methods of construction, but these aren’t the only reasons why. In fact, one of the most enticing things about constructing metal and steel buildings in Red Bluff is the different sustainability features that it offers because this is a benefit that people find important and really appreciate. Read on to learn more about the green elements of steel systems.

Energy Efficiency

It’s no secret that structures consume quite a bit of electricity and energy on average, so property owners who invest in metal buildings are not only helping to cut back on the amount being expended, but are also reaping the rewards in monetary savings. Steel construction reflects heat during warmer months through cool coating and keeps heat in with insulated panels when it gets colder outside, thereby decreasing heating and cooling utility bills. Keep in mind that adding metal roofing to your building design is sure to make it even more energy efficient and cost-effective.

Environmental Preservation

With an increasing concern regarding the preservation of the environment, it’s significant to note that traditional building materials actually transfer harmful chemicals, like sulfur, alumina, carbon and silica, into the ground. Utilizing metal materials eliminates toxic emissions into the earth, air and nearby water sources as well as reduces construction waste and keeps landfills from overflowing.

Resource Recyclability

Being that metal is the most recyclable resource out there, steel buildings are a great solution for those trying to be more eco-friendly. Not only are approximately 70-80 percent of manufactured metal building systems made from recycled steel (which retains its strength and reliability despite being reclaimed over and over again), but all of the materials put into a construction job are also 100 percent reuseable for any variety of applications. This can’t be said for any other building resource. Another advantage of salvaged metal is that the recycling process results in much less energy use than producing steel the first time around.

Exploring all the sustainable aspects of Red Bluff metal and steel buildings will show you just how much these systems can enhance your environment, whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes. Construct with metal to save money and time and feel good knowing that you’re contributing to the betterment of Mother Nature.

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